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The cybersecurity company CopyStrong is holding a coding competition hiring event, which is scheduled to take place Wednesday, July 12, at the SRQ Cyber Command Center, 1005 N. Orange Ave., Sarasota. The competition will be limited to the 40 most qualified applicants, who will be required to demonstrate an advanced ability to code and develop creative solutions to problems while participating in the event. Of the 40 participants, 10 will advance to the final round of the competition, which will include a personality assessment. The first and second place winners will be offered relocation assistance and employment with CopyStrong, pending a background investigation. Other finalists may be offered paid internships, as well. Individuals who desire to compete in the Code-a-Thon should be familiar with PHP, HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScript and API. To apply, submit your résumé online.

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