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Sarasota County is requesting proposals from neighborhoods to fund projects that improve their communities. The Neighborhood Initiative Grant Program is a competitive program that provides matching funds of up to $10,000 per neighborhood. Projects can be proposed within one of five themes:

  • Character: the creation or enhancement of assets that are a source of pride and neighborhood identity.
  • Leadership: training neighborhood leaders or teams and developing skills for neighborhood governance or action.
  • Safety: equipping the neighborhood with the knowledge or tools to prevent, prepare for, confront or respond to incidences of crime, danger or disaster.
  • Environment: protecting water, energy resources and native habitats.
  • Health: increasing access to nutritious diets and physical or mental fitness.

Those interested in submitting a proposal must attend a grant workshop between Wednesday, May 31, and Monday, June 9. Grants will be officially awarded in November.

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